Benefits of counseling

Benefits of Therapy

Why everyone- even ‘happy’ people- can benefit from therapy.

Seeing a therapist doesn’t mean there’s something “wrong with you”. Talk therapy can help you work on and achieve goals, improve your physical health and even prevent future problems.

Therapy can help you clarify your goals, identify and utilize your strengths, and plan for the future. For instance, a mental health professional can help you change jobs or career paths, prepare your children for an upcoming move, or open new ways of communication in your relationship.

Many people feel more comfortable talking to a trained professional who can listen without judgment. This can feel safer than discussing with friends or family, especially when dealing with taboo or sensitive topics. Sharing your deepest concerns with someone will help you feel less alone and isolated.

Don’t wake up at 30, 40 or 50 years of old and wonder how you got there, feeling as if life just ‘happened’ to you. Take your life by the reins. Explore who you really are and what you want out of life- the best version of yourself.

The very act of speaking aloud and discussing your thoughts and emotions can help you gain new perspective. By explaining the issue to someone else, you may realize a problem wasn’t as large as it seemed or gain new insight into handling certain situations. You may also feel relieved by “letting out” bottled emotions that have been building up over time.

Therapy provides a safe, designated weekly time for you to focus on self-care and personal growth. In our busy lives, it can feel impossible to carve out time or prioritize dealing with emotions. A standing weekly counseling appointment gives us that time for ourselves that otherwise always seems to fall on the back-burner. You can feel free to live your life fully between sessions- without worrying about your problems- knowing you can discuss them with your therapist at your next appointment.

In addition to everything listed above, therapy can have multiple positive effects on your physical health. During your sessions, you can work with your therapist on various ways to have more energy, get better sleep or effectively change your diet. Your therapist might teach you about meditation to relieve physical symptoms of anxiety or proven ways to break self-destructive habits.

In sum, the benefits of therapy apply to just about anyone, no matter their circumstances, concerns or background. It takes courage and strength to begin therapy. But once you begin, you will thank yourself.

positive benefits of therapy- use therapy to identify your strengths and create a plan for the future
Benefits of therapy can include better physical health, less stress and achieving new goals.
Stacey Troicki, LCSW is a therapist in Monmouth County, NJ
Stacey Troicki, LCSW is a therapist in Monmouth County, NJ

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