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Stacey Troicki is a therapist in Monmouth County, NJ

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My years of training and experience have given me the ability to help people resolve both internal and external problems.  I custom-tailor therapy techniques based on client’s need as it is my belief that all individuals are unique, whole, and complete.


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Family Therapy in Monmouth County NJ
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Individual Therapy

Together, we will focus on areas that are preventing you from making positive changes, working to help you strengthen relationships with your loved ones and improve your self esteem.

Couples Counseling

I work with couples of all backgrounds to resolve conflict in ways that are both positive and collaborative. Relationship counseling can empower you to communicate more effectively, work through disagreements, and help you re-kindle the love that brought you together.

Family Counseling

Family counseling can help you create a peaceful home life, help your child or adolescent navigate strong emotions or rebellious behaviors, and/or manage times of transition.

Areas of Expertise!

Therapy can be very effective for treating anxiety and depression.  I use various modalities including crisis intervention, psychodynamic therapies, cognitive and behavioral intervention, and play

Our work might focus on relapse prevention, daily living skills, gender distinct issues, and coping measures.

You will both feel safe and respected by me.  Gain insight, resolve conflict and improve satisfaction with your relationship.

A supportive & caring therapist can help you  focus on your strengths, take risks and practice true self-care.  I can help you work on goals such as starting a new job, dating again or any difficult life transition.

Benefits of counseling

Benefits of Therapy

Seeing a therapist doesn’t mean there’s something “wrong with you”.  The benefits of therapy apply to just about anyone, no matter their circumstances, concerns or background…

nature therapy in monmouth county, nj

‘Nature’ Therapy in Monmouth County, NJ

In our busy, high-tech world, exercising or relaxing outdoors can relieve stress and recharge your mind and body.  My favorite spots to enjoy ‘nature’ therapy in Monmouth County, NJ.


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